I know I can’t be the only one who scrolls through Instagram and gets super envious of so many celebrity lashes! Mine are non existent as you can see from the pictures before and after the amazing LVL lashed treatment from Nouveau Lashes. I cannot express how much this has changed my life. It’s coming up to a year of me regularly getting the treatment and I’ve had it done a total of four times and am finally getting an over due top up in a few days! I go to an amazing little salon local to where I live and find the price absolutely worth it for the effect it has! I hate when the treatment is dying down which for my lashes is usually the seventh week after having them done. I have super straight lashes so having my natural lashes is actually saddening now! I used to always swear by lash extensions but after trying a new salon and having the clusters just fall out and leave my lashes patchy whilst I was on holiday I realised that I needed a break! I haven’t used extensions since October 2014 and started LVL in June 2016. Mascara is great and all but I just find that my lashes stay so straight and not really that lifted! If you are like me then I highly recommend this amazing treatment. LVL is available nationally and I am aware of so many salons and beauticians practising this treatment! Here are the pictures of my eyelashes! 

First seven pics of after LVL since June 2016- 

The next two pictures are with mascara-

These last pictures are my natural (straight😢) lashes-


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