So I’ve compiled my favourite matte lipsticks, liquid and sticks alike. I LOVE matte lips and it is my go to look, it will honestly never be out of trend for me. Obviously the Kylie lip kits are proving to be highly popular but I cannot fathom spending over £40 for one lip kit. I am quite stealthy when it comes to finding dupes of make up trends so now I know which work best for me and colour wise- the ranges are endless. Bold, bright, nude and vampy colours are available everywhere! Every cosmetic stall has a stock of matte lipsticks which I will forever be grateful. 

NYX matte liquid lip cream- 

I am very pale skinned and these are my favourite NYX lip creams and look great with my complexion. I always recommend this range as I find the pigment great and they do last for hours! Even after drinking, it provides a good coverage! The nudes are especially long wearing from what I have found. The red and berry colour tend to turn into a kind of stained look after a couple of hours! For £6 and Boots and Selfridges they are an absolute save. Such good bargains and for the price they are definitely worth it to stock up on! 

The picture does not do the colour ‘Copenhagen’ any justice. It’s a perfect vampy wine-berry colour, I love this with my hair straight and a dark smokey eye. 

‘Istanbul’ was my first NYX lip cream and the start of an obsession! I like to wear this candy pastel colour with light makeup. 

My favourite nude! ‘Stockholm’ is my ultimate natural make up day staple lip, perfect for a sunny day when I just use a tinted moisturiser and is undoubtedly amazingly suited to my skin/lip tone. 

Ah, ‘Monte Carlo’, you were my first matte red lipstick and honestly gave me true love for how much a red lip can plump up my day. After a couple of coats this is great and does last out quite well. 

MAC matte lipsticks – 

I honestly see MAC cosmetics as one of the main leading make up brands and love so many of there products. Lipsticks are amazing, I currently swear by their foundation. (More on that in an upcoming post….) I love their range in nudes and these two really suit my pale skin shade. I always stock up at Selfridges or at the airport when going on holiday, these lipsticks range from around £15.50. The coverage is good but I wouldn’t say they are that intensively matte. 

‘Honey Love’ is such a great nude, the colour is rich and you can build on it to get a really thick nude lip. I went through a phase of being consistent in always carrying this shade with me and wearing it non stop and kept losing it that I actually have three of them. One is in my glove box in my car, you know, just in case! 

I bought ‘Please Me’ whilst travelling to Canary Islands from Manchester Airport, I think it worked out at £11? Totally worth it and let’s just say looking back at the pictures from said holiday- did I own any other lip shades? Apparently not. 

GIORGIO ARMANI lip maestro – 

I borrowed a lip maestro from one of my best friends on a night out in Manchester and wow, this boosted my confidence for the night seriously. I love the intensity in colour and matteness. It’s amazing and later the WHOLE NIGHT. Yes, the whole night out of drinking, dancing and fun. I was given a gift card the week after and head straight to Selfridges in Exchange Square to pick up this amazing piece of make up. This obsessive move was exactly the same as when I was 16 and became dependant on NARS lip gloss in ‘Turkish Delight’. I wore it to get ready for bed as well as everyday. My mum never understood why I had spent £18 on a lip gloss but……she didn’t need to get it. 

I have this in lip maestro shade 400. It is life changing. The boldness of the red, the orangey undertones, the wand perfectly glides the colour onto your lips. It’s absolutely amazing and no other matte lipsticks come close anymore! Giorgio Armani lip maestro, you are worth every penny of the £28 you cost. 


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